Hi There! The first cel I ever purchased was of Taarna from Heavy Metal in 1988. The first anime cel purchase was Tamahome & Miaka embracing in 1998. I especially like: action cels, cels that capture the character's personality, cels that you know exactly where they are from in a series and cels from obscure anime series. Even though I haven't aquired any new cels for over a year, I still like to look through my cel books, and seeing other peoples' collections at various anime conventions. I hope you enjoy my cels as much as I do!

News & Updates

1/24/2006Just finished uploading all the rest of my FY cels!
1/22/2006Just added the Kizuna, Maps, Clamp Detectives and FanArt-Paintpixel categories. I also uploaded some more fan-art under various.
1/19/2006Uploaded the Book Of Uchiha and more fan-art. I will try and add the rest of my FY cels and some new cel groups over the next two days.
1/16/2006Aernath asked me to put up all of my FY cels and my fan-art; she wants to see everything! So, I'm just doing what I was told to do! I should have the rest of my FY and fan-art pieces up in a day or two!

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Title Last Updated
Card Captor Sakura (8) 1/12/2006
Clamp Campus Detectives (2) 1/22/2006
Fan Art-Various (12) 1/22/2006
Fushigi Yuugi (17) 1/24/2006
Hana Yori Dango (2) 1/12/2006
InuYasha (6) 1/11/2006
Kizuna (1) 1/22/2006
Fan Art-Book of Uchiha (6) 1/19/2006
Fan Art-Paintpixel (6) 1/22/2006
Kenshin (2) 1/10/2006
Maps (1) 1/22/2006
Ranma 1/2 (3) 1/11/2006
Utena (4) 1/12/2006

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